building regulations approval
needn’t be a hassle... We understand that lots of homeowners today would rather ‘improve not move’
and we also know that sometimes this can be a big financial commitment and
a worry of how the building regulations process works.
Whether you are doing a loft or garage conversion or house extension the last thing that you want to worry
about is whether or not your plans comply with building regulations. We can guide you throughout your entire
project from design stage right through to completion so you can get on with the more exciting things.

  • At the start of your project, we consult with all the various authorities who need to be consulted prior to work starting e.g. we let the Local Authority know that we are overseeing building control for you; we consult with local water and sewage providers concerning any draining issues; fire authorities for
    fire safety compliance
  • We review all your drawings and plans to ensure that your project complies with building regulations and is fully compliant before any work on site begins
  • Once we have approved your plans we notify you that work can commence
  • At key stages of the construction process we will meet with you and/or your builder at the site of your project to check that all works are being carried out in accordance with the approved plans and to a good standard
  • Upon completion of the work we will visit the site to conduct a final inspection and then issue you with a 'Final Certificate'. This certificate is authentication that your project fully complies with Building Regulations. It's worth noting that you will need this certificate when you come to sell your house.