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Q What are Building Regulations?

A The Building Regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings primarily to ensure the health and safety for people in or around those buildings but also for energy conservation and access to and about buildings and form part of the Building Act 1984.

Q Do I have to go to my Local Authority for Building Regulation Approval?

A No. You can use Corporate Approved Inspectors who are licensed by the Construction Industry Council as agents to the Secretary of State to provide building control services and approvals under Building Regulations.

Q Is pt Building Standards licensed?

A Yes we were one of the first Corporate Approved Inspectors (England & Wales) and we were granted a license in 1999 (license no 007). We are required by law to re-apply for our license to ensure that we are still competent approved inspectors every 5 years and we were last approved in 2009.

Q Why are Building Regulations needed?

A It's important to understand building regulations as you are responsible for making sure that any building work you are doing is compliant.

Q Are building regulations the same as planning permission?

A No they are completely separate. For some smaller projects you may not require planning permission but still require Building Regulations. Information on whether planning is necessary can be obtained from your local authority and at

Q Do I need Building Regulations for a summer house?

A No there are a number of buildings exempt from Building Regulations. The following are examples of such buildings:
• Garden sheds or greenhouses
• Summer houses

Q I donít have any drawings can pt Building Standards provide me with drawings and plans for my project?

A No, pt building standards cannot provide drawings as there would be a conflict of interest. For smaller projects your builder should be able to provide drawings for you but if not you will need to employ the services of an architect.

Q Can an Approved Inspector provide building regulation approval after the building work is complete?

A No an approved inspector cannot provide retrospective building regulations approval this can only be done by your Local Authority.

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